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Each month, September to June, the EMTF Saskatoon Chapter invites a guest speaker to present to the group. These presentations are noted in the tables for 2011 to the present year.
Some of these presentations that can be downloaded from before 2011 are shown below the tables.

These hybrid breakfast meetings start at 7:00 AM at the Confederation Inn, 3330 Fairlight Drive, in Saskatoon.

In person meetings include breakfast. Fees are $115 for the year that includes all 10 meetings to June 2024 or $25 for drop in attendance.
Student fees are $80 for the year or $15 for drop in attendance with a valid student card.

The online meeting sessions are still free. Specific details are noted in the Presentation Topic link.
Please note that the online meetings start at 7:30 AM.

If you would like to be added to our mail list for notification of EMTF events, monthly presentations and other information of intrest to our group, email us at contact@emtfsask.ca

For further information Email contact@emtfsask.ca or contact: Martin Boucher (Breakfast Meeting Presentations Chair (306) 612-1112) or Bill Popiel (Treasurer (306) 374-3003).

2024 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
June 5th Matthew Klippenstein Canadian Hydrogen Association (CHFCA) Unbottling hydrogen’s potential in Canada and Saskatchewan
May 1st Bob Halliday R. Halliday & Associates Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion Project
April 3rd Caley Halcro and Samit Hayak City fo Saskatoon Update on City Projects slide deck pdf.
March 6th Matthew Dipple P.Eng, Airtight Engineering Inc. Update on Passive house and other high-performance building initiatives in Saskatchewan slide deck pdf
February 7th Rory Koska,
Natasha Jeremic,
Marc Alam
Alberta Wood WORKS! | a program of the Canadian Wood Council Innovations in Wood Construction from the Forest to Structure -slide deck pdf's
January 10th Phil Foster Rock Paper Sun Residential Solar with battery backup slide deck.pdf

2023 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 6th Megan Bunney & Hadi Ramin SaskEnergy Natural Gas Heat Pumps slidedeck.pdf
November 1st Tyler Dagenais Prairie ICF Building Envelope Design: Maximizing Efficiency & Occupant Comfort presentation slidedeck.pdf
October 4th Dr. Mariia Iakovleva researcher at the Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy Working with communities on the energy transition: lessons from Indigenous-led projects in Saskatchewan
September 6th Alex Campbell & Jody Eckert Sun Ridge Residential Inc., SaskPower Energy Advisor Traning and Energuide Audits pdf
June 7th Palash Sanyal, GCB.D, PMP U of S New Sustainability Disclosure Standards: Implications for Energy Management
May 3rd Ty Tweidt Building & Technical Standards Branch
Ministry of Government Relations
Government of Saskatchewan
Energy Codes for Buildings in Saskatchewan slide deck pdf
April 5th Kathryn Theede City of Saskatoon Sustainability at the City of Saskatoon
March 1st Jim Walters RPP MCIP CROSBY HANNA & ASSOCIATES City of Saskatoon Environmental Zoning Bylaw Review - Consultation document pdf
February 1st Sara Harrison BHP Billiton Canada Inc. Jansen Path to Net Zero
January 11th Aura Lee MacPherson MacPherson Engineering Inc. Engineering and Indigenous Energy Efficiency - Blanket of Warmth project presentation link

Radiantlink Youtube Tutorial

2022 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 7th Dean Clarke Greenwave Innovations The Role of Business in Advancing Energy Management
November 2nd James Gates SaskEnergy Cool energy efficiency projects in the pipeline at SaskEnergy
October 5th Sithara Fernando NorQuest College Skills Development and Energy Management
September 7th Pam Groat City of Saskatoon City Renewable Energy Strategy pdf
June 1st Jim Law Hatch Introduction to pumped storage hydro
May 4th Larissa Shasko Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy Climate Change Communication
April 6th Bill Hale   Accelerating EV Adoption in Saskatchewan pdf
March 2nd Glenn Wright   The COP26 Experience
February 2nd Brian Brunskill   Saskatchewan's Energy Storage Advantage: Compressed Air Energy Storage in Salt Caverns
January 12th Mark Akerman Saskatchewan Sustainable Energy Management Corporation (SSEM) Developing the Sustainable Energy Economy of Saskatchewan

2021 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 1st Mohit Bhatt Accurate Energy Solutions Energy Management System – leveraging IoT, AI and Cloud based solution
November 3rd Tom Kischuk DEEP Corp Geothermal energy in Saskatchewan: an update on DEEP
October 6th Dr. Marc-André Pigeon & Renata Leonhardt University of Saskatchewan A Census of Renewable Energy Cooperatives in Canada
September 1st Sujin Wren Hatch Hydrogen Fuel Technologies pdf
June 2rd Mark Jaccard   Book discussion: The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success
May 5th Andrew Munro,
Nathan Hoffart,
Leanne Jarocki
SaskPower SaskPower's Net Zero Emissions Plan pdf
April 7th Eileen Turano and Kyle Edgington Saturn Power Saskatchewan's first Utility Scale Solar Project - Highfield pdf
March 3rd Nathan Tedford Hatch The Future of SMRs in Saskatchewan and Canada
February 3rd Ryan Jansen Saskatchewan Research Council Demonstration of a Utility-Scale Wind-Solar-Battery Hybrid
January 6th Erwin Heuck Distributed Energy Association of Saskatchewan Supporting Decentralized Energy in Saskatchewan

2020 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 2nd Brendan Haley & James Gaede Efficiency Canada Energy Efficiency Policy in Saskatchewan: A Review of the Efficiency Scorecard.
November 10th (Tuesday) Hilary Carlson City of Saskatoon Home Energy Loan Program Design Recommendations
(Program Infographic)
October 7th Les Yard Soprema Inc. Build Better
September 2nd James Riley,
Nancy Wright,
Luke Evans
Lightspark The Lightspark Platform
June 3rd Margret Asmuss Saskatoon Enviromental Society Saskatchewan Low Carbon Stories
May 6th Rod Yoed Dialog design Deep Building Retrofits for Energy and Carbon
April 1st Martin Boucher University of Saskatchewan COVID 19 and the Energy Transition
(including pdf & chat text)
March 4th Darin Qualman City of Saskatoon City of Saskatoon Consultation on a Water Conservation Strategy, Including Energy-Use and Emissions Implications.
February 5th Tyler Krause
& Jason Cruickshank
REM and SaskEv An Overview of EVs: Functionality, Types, Environmental Considerations, and the Growing Market.pdf
January 8th Dave Stevenson Ministry of Environment- Climate Change Strategy Public policy for energy efficiency in Saskatchewan presentation.pdf

2019 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 4th Darrin Qualman Author/City of Saskatoon Sustainability: Energy and Material Flows Through Natural and Human Systems.
November 6th Kelly Winder Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. Update on the Status of the National Energy Code for Buildings.
October 2nd Yi Liu FCM overview of energy management opportunities and the FCM Green Municipal Fund.
September 4th Kevin Hudson University of Saskatoon Energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.pdf
June 5th Justin Fisher and
Hayley Carlson
Climate Justice Saskatoon Coal communities in transition: Supporting Saskatchewan communities and renewable energy
May 1st David D. Maenz   The Potential for Early Adoption of Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage in Saskatchewan.
April 3rd Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Salam Nortek Data Center Cooling Systems
March 6th Kristin Bruce and
Hilary Carlson
City of Saskatoon City of Saskatoon Climate Change Update. Further information is available on the City of Saskatoon climate change webpages.
February 6th Ken Coutu University of Saskatchewan Moving Towards Continuous Commissioning
January 9th Dave Palibroda   Rob Dumont Principles in Action


2018 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 6th
Love Energy Consultants (Owner) Energy Efficiency Alberta (Board Member) Regional Approaches to Energy Diversification.
Insights from the Energy Efficiency Alberta experience”
November 7th Sandra
Sandra Moore Consulting (Owner) University of Saskatchewan (PhD Candidate) Regional Approaches to Energy Diversification.
The Southeast Alberta Energy Diversification Strategy
October 3rd Brian Scott PACE Alberta The Pathway to PACE in Alberta
September 5th Peter Prebble Saskatchewan Environmental Society Climate Change update pdf
June 6th Adam Robertson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Canadian Wood Council Wood Products and Buildings Systems
Climate Change Benefits
May 2nd Frederick Khonje,
Jennifer Mok
Affinity Credit Union Financing Energy Projects in Saskatchewan
April 4th Martin Boucher University of Saskatchewan Urban Energy Systems: Lessions from Lulea, Sweden.
March 7th Anouk Kendall Decentralised Energy Canada Decentralised Energy in an Age of Disruption
February 7th Michael Nemeth Radiance Cohousing The Place For Air Source Heat Pumps.
January 3rd Brenda Wallace,
Nasha Spence,
Shannon Dyck,
Moe Al-Mahdawe
City of Saskatoon Saskatoon Shining Forward. Four members of the City of Saskatoon’s climate action team will discuss the current state of affairs in the city. Further information is available on the City of Saskatoon climate change webpages.


2017 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 6th Dr. Brett Dolter
Jason Dion
and Hayley Carlson
University of Ottawa,
Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission,
Saskatchewan Environmental Society
Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan
November 1st Dr. Elizabeth Schwartz JSGS Faculty, U of S Climate Change Policies in Canadian Cities
October 4th Panelists include:
Bill Madder

Mark Prebble

Nathan Jones

- CEO, Association of Saskatchewan Realtors
- Associate, Derrick Atretch Realty Inc
- Solar Energy Advisor, MiEnergy
Panel discussion on:
Selling Green Housing in Saskatoon
September 6th Joel C. Goldblatt Bluenergy Solarwind Inc. Solar and wind hybrid technology
June 7th Errol Fisher North Ridge Development Corp. Building A Net Zero Home
May 3rd Nasha Spence City of Saskatoon Saskatoon's Green House Gas emissions accounting report.
April 5th Vic Ellis Canadian Radiance Inc. Radiance Technology
March 1st Jason Praski SES Solar Co-0p SES Solar Co-op Update
February 1st Margret Asmuss
Sustainability Coordinator U of S Integrating Environment and Sustainability into Education and Research at U of S.
January 11th Megan Patterson
& Dallas Munro
Sask Power SaskPower challanges and review of their demand side management & industrial programs


2016 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 7th Ronn Lepage Vereco Homes Eco-retrofits
November 2nd Naomi Christensen Canada West Foundation Saskatchewan's Hydro Option. An excerpt
from Power Up: The Hydro Option.
October 5th Robin Adair The Green Builder Inc. Temperance Ave Passive House
September 7th Peter Prebble Saskatchewan Environmental Society Climate Change update
June 1st Terry Nelson Federated
Co-operatives Limited
Energy Efficiency Initiatives at Retail Co-operatives across Western Canada
May 4th Ronn Lepage Vereco Homes Reducing Water Consumption in Your Home.
April 6th Dr. Brett Dolter Canadian Society for Ecological Economics. Compare the costs, GHG emissions, jobs impacts, and sustainability impacts of competing pathways for lowering GHG emissions in Saskatchewan’s electricity sector
March 2nd Dave Fetsch Sun Ridge Residential Inc. Roof Ice Daming and Exterior Moisture Control in Residential Construction
February 3rd Brent Veitch
Rock Paper Sun The current state of grid-tied solar electric installations
January 6th Dr. Carey Simonson UofS College of Engineering Energy exchangers for HVAC systems and district heating includs an update on heat recovery work with Venmar.


2015 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 2nd Chris Richards City of Saskatoon City of Saskatoon energy upgrades to City buildings and other projects of intrest.
November 4th Karen Mallory Sustainable Development Technology Canada Overview of ongoing projects
October 7th Kent Rathwell Sun Country Highway Sun Country Highway
September 9th Josh Quintal

City of Saskatoon

Saskatoon's planned Recovery Park and biomass boilers
June 3rd Mark Bigland-Pritchard   interim findings from modelling some options for electrical futures in Saskatchewan.
May 6th Barry Hertz U of S (Retired) ‘Hybrid Vehicle Trends’ will look at some past developments and current hybrid statistics
April 1st Les McPherson/ Peter Prebble StarPhoenix / Saskatchewan Environmental Society debate: Be it resolved that climate change is real and we can address it with energy choices.
March 4th Ken Coutu Know Energy Energy Savings Potential and RD&D Opportunities for Non-Vapor-Compression HVAC Technologies
February 4th Ian Loghran First Nations Power Corp Discuss their mission, vision, & goals
January 7th Paul Hanley   Paul's book 11 discusses the future of the world when our population is 11 billion


2014 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 3rd Bob Halliday Saskatchewan Environmental Society SaskPower Yes We Can study
November 5th Harold Orr   Lessons learned in energy efficient housing
October 1st Mike Nemeth Radiance Cohousing Website Radiance co-housing - current plans and goals
September 3rd Brian Sawatzky

Confederation Inn

How a Buisness Can Survive on a Low-Carbon Diet
June 4th Rob Dumont Dumont & Associates Super efficient multi-family buildings on the prairies
May 14th Kevin Thirston Thurston Engineering Services The Comissioning Process
April 2nd Margaret Asmuss

University of Saskatchewan

UofS Environmental Strategy
March 5th Rob Dumont
& Frank Dietz
  Energy and Water Retrofit of Monticello Condominium in Saskatoon
February 5th Ryan Jansen Saskatchewan Reasearch Council Project Presentation - Assessing the value of storage as it relates to renewable energy sources and their inherent volatility.
January 8th Peter Prebble Director of Environmental Policy with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Uranium mine reclaimation


2013 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
Dec. 4, 2013 Joanne Fedyk Saskatchewan Waste Mangement Council The energy implications of recycling.
Nov. 6 Andrew Wallace Planning & Development,
Facilities Management Division, U of S
Green Buildings at the University of Saskatchewan
October 2 Vince Russell Johnson Controls

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) For Commercial and Institutional Clients

Sept. 4 2013 Mark Bigland Pritchard   CLIMATE CHANGE: TARGETS AND REALITIES
what climate scientists are saying we need to achieve, how our current targets and current performance match up to the science, and where we need to prioritize in order to do better.
June 5 2013 Les Yard Technical Sales Representative Dow Chemical Energy, Building Science and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canadian Building
May 1 Mareleine Nehme NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca Benchmarking of Buildings - Portfolio Manager - Automated Data Exchange Service- AB
April 3 Ronn Lepage

Vereco Homes Inc.

March 6 Ken Coutu VENMAR CES & Know Energy Ecobuilding Consulting Inc.

Raising The Bar of Efficiency. Desiccant Enhanced Air Conditioning using membrane exchangers. VENMAR CES a ces group company.

March 6 Peter Prebble Director of Environmental Policy with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change.
February 6 Chris Richards City of Saskatoon Auditing Energy Performance
January 9 Chad Easterby Government of Saskatchewan, Engineering Services Branch, Enhanced Oil Group 50 years of safe fracking in Saskatchewan


2012 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December 5 Lorie Parks Sask. Power Demand Side Management Group SaskPower Demand Side Management
December 5 Angie Ortlepp Suncatcher Solar Suncatcher Solar's Gardenview Passive Solar Home Design
November 7 Dr. Timothy Kelly Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry,U of S. Tier II Canada Research Chair in Photovoltaics Organic Photovoltaics: Solar Energy Research at the University of Saskatchewan
October 3 Ryan Jansen Good Steward Solutions Ryan Jansen showcases his family’s net zero home
October 3 Steve Webster Radiation Safety, Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Radon Survey and Mapping of Canada
September 5 Ann Coxworth Saskatchewan Environmental Society An overview of a couple of recent significant changes in environmental legislation and regulation.
June 6 Ewan Coxworth PhD.   What businesses are doing to reduce green house gas emissions, save money and improve the communities we live in
May 2 Angie Bugg Saskatchewan Environmental Society The Saskatchewan Environmental Society Building Operator Training Program (BOT) and Energy Awareness (EA) Training overview.
April 4 Geoffrey Waters

Ministry of Environment, Climate Change Branch

Saskatchwewans Green Initiatives Fund overview and and discuss opportunities for home-owners
March 7 Chris James Saskatchewan Research Council Micro Combined Heat and Power for Saskatchewan
February 1 Kevin Hudson Saskatoon Light & Power The City of Saskatoons world-class energy park at its landfill.
January 12 Mark Johnson, PhD, RPF Saskatchewan Research Council An Overview of the Potential for Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystems


2011 Presentations
Date speaker Organization Presentation Topic
December. 7 Terry Stott Sr.VP of Corp. Devlopment SHEC Energy Corp. Development of the most efficient suite of tools to collect, transfer and store solar thermal power
November 2 Brent Veitch Rock Paper Sun Should we be incorporating active solar into our homes today
and, how does Solar Heating compare to Solar Electric Systems?
October 13 Steve (NRCan) Office of Energy Efficiency overview of Natural Resources Canada's ecoENERGY Efficiency for Buildings programs.
September 7 Mark Johnston PhD. U of S Soil Science Department An Overview of the Potential for Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystems
June 1 Angelika Ortlepp and Rohan Campbell Suncatcher Solar Ltd. Designing, Building and Living in Solar Homes – Some Results and Experiences
May 4 Malcolm Wilson Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Saskatchewan CCS Challenges and an Overview of the Weyburn-Midale Project
April 6 Craig Shear Solar Freedom International Inc. SOLAR ENERGY
March 2 Tyler Dagenais PR Sustainable
Homes Inc.
Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Construction
February 2 Mark Bigland-Pritchard Low
Energy Design Ltd.
Designing a Plan for the Electricity Sector Driven by a Response to the Laws of
Physics Rather Than Sectional Economic Interests”
January 12 ELAINE WHEATON Saskatchewan Research Council Preparing for More Climate Change



Ritchard Huziak - Light Pollution: Energy Reduction and the Environment

Rob Dumont - Dumont & Associates - The Road to Net Zero (Presentation)

Brian Mohr - SaskPower Corporation - Powering a Sustainable Energy Future (Presentation)

Mark Johnston - Sask Research Council - Climate Change and Forest Management: An Overview (Presentation)

Brent Hancock - Osram Sylvania- Not Your Grandmother's Lightbulb(Presentation)


Ron Oberth, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. - Nuclear in Saskatchewan (Presentation)

Roger Peters, Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance - Meeting Our Needs with Renewable Energy (Presentation)


Paul Hanley - Residential Commercial Development (Presentation)

Paul Hanley is co-development manager for Saskatoon’s Rivergreen Ecovillage. The presentation describes the soon to be built ecovillage located at River Landing Phase 2 in downtown Saskatoon.

Kevin Thurston - Best Practice - Commissioning: Manitoba Hydro's New Office Tower (Presentation)

Kevin Thurston is a Senior Project Manager at Integrated Designs. His presentation focuses on the challenges of commissioning, using examples from the Manitoba Hydro Office Tower project.

Rob Dumont - The Factor 9 Home: Reducing Energy Consumption by 90% (Presentation)

Rob Dumont, of Dumont and Associates, describes the Factor 9 high performance home in Regina.

Brian Mohr - SaskPower Supply Plan (Presentation)

Brian Mohr is Acting Manager of Sustainable Supply Development for SaskPower. His presentation provides an overview of SaskPower's plans for power generation within the province.

Chuck Edwards - Why We Should Support Nuclear Power (Presentation)

Chuck Edwards - Why We Should Support Nuclear Power (Notes)

Chuck Edwards is the Principal Metallurgist for the Cameco Corporation. His presentation highlights the benefits of using nuclear power.

Ann Coxworth - Nuclear Power, Why? Why not?

Ann Coxworth works for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. Her presentation looks at the pros and cons of nuclear power and the science behind the technology.



May 10 - Rob Dumont - Infrared Photography

Rob demonstrates a new, lightweight, handheld infrared camera for building diagnostics. Presentation includes infrared photos of a well insulated and sealed building, demonstrating how the camera can be used to tune up an already good building.

Feb 1 - Duncan Hill (CMHC) - Apartment Building Top Ten Energy and Water Saving Tips

Duncan Hill is an engineer with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. This presentation is taken from his work with the City of Cornwall's Social Housing Division and is a summary of their top ten tips for saving energy and water.

Jan 11 - Chris Richards - Factor 10 Retrofit of an Apartment Building

Chris Richards is a masters student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. His research is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Research Council and his thesis title is "Retrofitting a Multi-Unit Residential Building to Reduce Purchased Energy by a Factor of 10." This presentation highlights his progress so far.













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