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October 4th, 2023, 7:00am
Hybrid Presentation, 7:45am


We’re thrilled to dive into our next session, focusing on "Working with communities on the energy transition: lessons from Indigenous-led projects in Saskatchewan." This session will explore challenges and opportunities working with Indigenous-led energy projects and ways to build meaningful relationships that will contribute to reconciliation with Indigenous communities and to the sustainable energy transition in Saskatchewan.

Dr. Mariia Iakovleva is a researcher at the Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan. She is from the Sakha (Yakut) community of northeastern Yakutia in Siberia and is a passionate advocate for sustainable technological development in northern and Indigenous communities. She has a background in English Philology, Indigenous Studies, and Sustainable Arctic Territorial Development. She obtained her BA from the Northeastern Federal University, Russia, an MA in Arctic Studies from the University of Versailles, France, and a Masters in Northern Governance and Development from the University of Saskatchewan. Recently, Dr. Iakovleva completed her dissertation, which examined the adoption of innovative energy technologies in northern, remote, and Indigenous communities.



7:00am – 7:45am – Casual networking  (in-person only) 
7:45am – 8:00am – Announcements. (hybrid) 
8:00am – 8:40am – Presentation  (hybrid) 
8:40am – 9:00am – Q &  (hybrid) 

In person — Join us at 7:00 am at Confederation Inn (3330 Fairlight Dr, Saskatoon). Fees are as noted on the website presentations page, and include breakfast.

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