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The Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards

In June of 2015 the EMTF Saskatoon chapter decided to recognize and honor outstanding achievement of individuals and organizations in Energy Management. The awards are titled The Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards in honor of the well known and respected engineer who passed away in 2015.

Winners were selected from the list of nominees submitted to the EMTF Saskatoon Awards Review Committee led by Nathan Ziegler.

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ann Coxworth M.Sc.

harold_orr Ann Coxworth has been actively involved as a volunteer with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society for over 40 years; most of this time she also served on the Board of Directors. She has provided remarkable leadership on a wide variety of environmental issues including persuading the Government of Saskatchewan to adopt wind and solar power and to invest more in energy efficiency initiatives. She has reviewed dozens of environmental impact assessments over the years and provided valuable advice on how to reduce the environmental impacts of proposed industrial developments.

Ann has been willing to speak publicly on a number of issues with well-reasoned arguments that are carefully grounded in science. Her voice is taken very seriously by industry and government alike. Ann has been a constructive critic of the nuclear industry in Saskatchewan, generously using her academic background and deep knowledge of chemistry and radioactive materials to alert the public to important risks associated with uranium. She played a major role in advising the Saskatchewan Government, the federal government and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on how best to remediate mined-out uranium mine sites, including the former Gunnar mine site on the shore of Lake Athabasca.

Ann served on the board of the Meewasin Valley Authority for many years and contributed greatly to advancing Meewasin’s conservation ethic. She recently served on the Saskatchewan government’s committee to develop the Environmental Code for the province. Government officials who served with her have expressed admiration and respect for her work.

Ann embodies environmental sustainability in her personal life. She biked well into her 80s and travels as much as she can by public transportation. Ann has mentored dozens of young people who have volunteered or taken up paid positions at the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. She has played a very important role in encouraging young people to pursue careers with an environmental sustainability focus. Ann continues to come into the Saskatchewan Environmental Society two days a week to do research, advocacy, project development and administrative work. She has done all of this work on a strictly volunteer basis. She embodies public service at its very best. Ann was a close friend of Rob Dumont’s and shared his values and vision.

The Awards will be presented at the 2018 Awards Dinner.
2018 Awards Nominees by catigory are:

Project of the Year

  • Renewable Rides
  • The Samaritan Project
  • Pinehouse Housing Tiny Home Sixplex

Residential Project of the Year

  • Grasswood Estates Passive House
  • Evermore Homes - 1005 Melrose Ave

Organization of the Year

  • The Pimacihowin Project


  • Brownell School
  • Father Vachon School
  • Queen Elizabeth School
  • Tommy Douglas School

Leadership (or Energy Management Champion)

  • Kevin Hudson
  • Rob Thomas
  • Jason Praski
  • Carey Simonson
  • Dave Palibroda
  • Jeff Montgomery





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