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The Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards

In June of 2015 the EMTF Saskatoon chapter decided to recognize and honor outstanding achievement of individuals and organizations in Energy Management. The awards are titled The Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards in honor of the well known and respected engineer who passed away in 2015.

Winners were selected from the list of nominees submitted before September 30th, 2016 to the EMTF Saskatoon Awards Review Committee led by Kelly Winder.

The 2016 Winners by category are:

Lifetime Achievement

Bob Besant, PhD.

bob_besant Mechanical Engineering Professor Emeritus Robert Besant has had a long and illustrious career at the University of Saskatchewan, which started as an instructor in 1960. He became head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1982 and served for 11 years.

Prof. Besantís research has focused on heat and mass transfer and energy conservation in buildings, heat exchangers, HVAC systems and porous materials. His research spans the entire spectrum from theoretical to applied research and has always demonstrated a high degree of innovation. He holds two patents and his research findings are widely published in high quality, international venues. He has also supervised over 60 MSc students and 14 PhD students in the fields related to energy management during his career. Many of these students have gone on to illustrious careers in energy management and other engineering fields.

Project of the Year

SES Saskatoon Solar Co-op (SESSC)

The SESSC is the only co-operative of its kind in Saskatchewan. It is an extraordinarily effective approach to expanding the use of solar energy in Saskatchewan. The SESSC enables anyone in the province to invest in solar energy. In the past, many people could not install solar panels because of their location (they lived in apartments, had homes facing the wrong direction or they were surrounded by trees). SESSC also allows individuals to invest in a smaller number of panels in a cost effective manner. To date, the SESSC has enabled 117 members to invest in solar energy.

Business of the Year

Confederation Inn

Confederation Inn, owned by Brian Sawatzky since 2006, has worked since that time to steadily reduce their energy use, water use and waste by undertaking a variety of technical and behaviour measures. To date, the Confederation Inn has reduced natural gas consumption by 65%, electrical demand by 45% and water consumption by 68% and reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 460 tonnes of Co2 equivalent. Managers bonuses are tied to the utility bills. A portion of the savings on utility costs are passed on the managers. They are therefore motivated to work with their staff to minimize consumption.

Residential Project of the Year

The Ketilson-Lamb Residence

The residence is a near net zero single-family home in the Haultain neighbourhood of Saskatoon designed by Group2 Architecture Interior Design and built by Aetas Developments. It utilized a unique approach to the building envelope and in the design planning phase in addition a wide array of proven strategies to minimize energy use. The home achieved this using standard construction techniques at little additional cost over a conventional house.<

Youth Award

Grade 8 Class, St. Anne Elementary School

The 26 students investigated the current usage of energy and water in their households, looked at ways to measure energy and water consumption, and planned and undertook the audits. They then prepared and implemented action plans to reduce energy and water consumption in their own homes. As a result, over the period of a year it is projected that there will be, a 12% reduction in energy use and 10% reduction in water use. The award comes with a $500 cash prize to the school.






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