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photo - Saskatoon November 2012, © Catherine Ritchie

Saskatoon EMTF

Welcome to the Web site of the Saskatoon Energy Management Task Force. The EMTF is made up of a variety of professionals with keen interests in the effective use of energy and its related aspects.

We do not proclaim authority in our endeavors but offer a forum for the exchange of relevant information to aid those seeking to achieve an improvement in energy efficiency and, in conjunction, alleviation of Climate Change effects through reduction in carbon dioxide emission.

We sincerely hope that this Web site, which covers a wide range of energy associated issues, will be of assistance to you.

- Michael Stoneham, Founding Saskatoon EMTF Chair


Saskatoon EMTF Organization

  • Saskatoon EMTF Chair - Angie Bugg
  • Treasurer - Bill Popiel
  • Secretary - Bill Hale
  • Member at Large - Ken Coutu
  • Breakfast Meeting Presentations Chair - Martin Boucher
  • Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards Chair - Colleen Dixon

Other chair positions and committees may be created & disolved depending on the requirements of the organization.

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