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The Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards

In June of 2015 the EMTF Saskatoon chapter decided to recognize and honor outstanding achievement of individuals and organizations in Energy Management. The awards are titled The Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards in honor of the well known and respected engineer who passed away in 2015.

Winners were selected from the list of nominees submitted to the EMTF Saskatoon Awards Review Committee led by Nathan Ziegler.

The 2017 winners & approved nominees by category are:

Lifetime Achievement

Harold Orr, P.Eng. (retired).

harold_orr Harold Orr obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree in 1959 and his Master of Science in 1962 from the University of Saskatchewan. His Master’s thesis "Studies and Improvements to an Air Infiltration Instrument" was the result of work done at the National Research Council (NRC). When he completed his thesis, he continued to work alongside Rob Dumont on problems of air leakage in buildings and thermal resistance of building materials at NRC. He also designed and built the first "blower door", which is still the standard instrument to measure tightness of build ings.

Harold was one of the principals on the team that designed the Saskatchewan Conservation House (SCH), the house was the idea behind the R2000 housing program in Canada, and the Passive House program in Europe and the USA.

In 1986, he retired from the NRC and worked as a private consultant and taught engineering at Oklahoma Christian College.

From 1985 to 2006 Harold was a member of CSA (Canadian Standards Association) committees on wood preservation, preserved wood foundations, and shingles and shakes.
In 2015, he received the Pioneer Award at the International Passive House Conference 2015 in Leipzig, Germany.

Harold worked with Rob Dumont at the NRC promoting energy efficient buildings in the 1970’s and 80’s. In addition, Harold traveled extensively promoting energy conservation both as a government scientist and as a private engineer.

Harold was very good at making technical issues easy to understand, which helped to spread his knowledge to a wide audience.

Project of the Year

Winner - Saskatoon SPCA Solar Power Project

Through a federal Canada 150 grant, the Saskatoon SPCA undertook major renovations of its shelter, including projects focused on “green technologies” and reduction of the shelter’s environmental footprint. The Saskatoon SPCA’s solar panel project is a 31 kW roof-mount, grid-tied solar installation. Suncatcher Solar Ltd. designed and installed the solar power system.

As one of the city’s largest-ever solar panel installations, the Saskatoon SPCA project serves as a high-visibility statement of the organization’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and as a vehicle promoting renewable power in the Greater Saskatoon Region. A public monitor has been set up in the lobby of Saskatoon SPCA and shows visitors and employees real-time and historical system performance. In addition to the solar power installation, improvements included water conservation projects, installation of high-efficiency appliances and LED lighting throughout the shelter.

    Nominees for this category were:

  • Saskatchewan Living Green Expo
  • Saskatoon SPCA Solar Power Project
  • Energy Action Plan: Lighting
  • PAVED Arts solar and roof resurfacing energy efficiency retrofit

Organization of the Year

Winner - Saskatchewan Environmental Society

SES The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is a non-profit, registered charity whose mandate is to work towards a world in which all needs can be met in sustainable ways. Sustainability requires healthy ecosystems, livelihoods, and communities. Since the early 1990s, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society has conducted award-winning energy conservation education with students. The overall theme of this education is having students create change in their school, home and community through a combination of student-conducted audits, and student-run campaigns. In the past four years alone, students have saved over 110,000 kgCO2e/year of greenhouse gas emissions. One of these classes won the 2016 RDA Youth Award, and three of these classes are shortlisted for the 2017 RDA Education Award. Through our Building Operator Training program, almost 900 Building Operators have learned how to operate their buildings more efficiently. They gain operational changes and equipment upgrades in lighting, electrical equipment, and HVAC equipment. The Saskatchewan Environmental Society Launched the SES Solar Cooperative, which now has three solar installations in Saskatoon. The SES Solar Coop was the RDA Project of the year in 2016.

    Nominees for this category were:

  • Saskatchewan Environmental Society
  • EcoFriendly Sask

Residential Project of the Year

Winner - North Ridge Net-Zero Certified Home – 232 Cowan Crescent, Martensville

Northridger_pict This 2,166 square foot home, owned by Kyle and Stacey Blixt, is Saskatchewan’s first Net Zero certified home. Net Zero homes are built to a very high energy standard and use very little energy to operate, and the limited amount of energy they do require can be provided through solar panels or other renewable sources.

For this Net Zero home, they developed a double-wall system that has 1 ½” Styrofoam on the exterior and has blown-in cellulose “wallbar” insulation in the 10” deep wall cavity to achieve an R-value of R 45.5. The house also includes high-efficiency windows and mechanical systems, an air-source heat pump, LED lighting, Energy Star Appliances, solar panels, and low-flow plumbing appliances.

This home was designed through a joint effort by North Ridge, the customer, and Sun Ridge Residential Inc. The collaboration between an experienced builder, the customer and experts in energy-efficiency resulted in a finished home that was not only completely customized to the customer’s lifestyle but also a home that saves the homeowner money and leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

    Nominees for this category were:

  • Lexis Homes - 695 Fast Crescent
  • Evermore Homes - Turnquist Residence
  • North Ridge Net-Zero Certified Home – 232 Cowan Crescent, Martensville

Education Award

Winner - Student Action for a Sustainable Future,, St.Volodymyr School

st._volodymyr_school_pict The Grade 7/8 class at St. Volodymyr School took on multiple projects. Students groups worked with SES Solar Co-operative to use solar power to offset some of the energy used to charge the classroom iPad and netbooks. They borrowed equipment from Saskatoon Light and Power to measure the amount of energy used in their homes. Finally, students worked with Agriculture in the Classroom to start vermicomposting and build a micro garden to showcase other healthy forms of eating.

    Nominees for this category were:

  • Pimacihowin Project, Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation
  • Student Action for a Sustainable Future, Alvin Buckwold School
  • Student Action for a Sustainable Future, St.Volodymyr School
  • Student Action for a Sustainable Future, Brownell School

Leadership (or Energy Management Champion)

Winner - Michael Nemeth and Shannon Dyck

This husband and wife team are Saskatoon’s Energy Management Dynamic Duo. In 2017 Shannon started Green Edge Studio that specializes in earth-friendly landscape design and nature-inspired photography and artwork. She works as the Environmental Coordinator at the City of Saskatoon, and also is the Director of Radiance Cohousing. Radiance Cohousing is a collaborative, highly sustainable housing development being built in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The development will include eight individually owned town-houses bordered by shared indoor and outdoor space. Michael is the principal engineer for Bright Buildings that offers Passive House design and energy consulting services. In 2016, Michael worked on the Temperance Street Passive House, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. He also is a course conductor for Passive House Canada. Passive House Canada is a non-profit organization that works to provide Canadians with the knowledge, tools, networks and confidence to design and construct buildings to meet the Passive House Standard. He works as a mechanical design engineer at Daniels Wingerak specializing in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and fire protection design. Finally, he also serves as a Director of Radiance Cohousing. The Radiance Cohousing project broke ground in 2017.

    Nominees for this category were:

  • Office of Sustainability team - U of S
  • Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee (SEAC) work on Climate Change and Emissions' Reductions
  • Michael Nemeth and Shannon Dyck
  • Dave Palibroda
  • Murray Guy






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