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Re: EMTF Breakfast Presentation

October 5th, 2016, 7am
Confederation Inn
3330 Fairlight Drive

Robin Adair

How They Built a House to Canadian Passive House Standards with no furnace. Holly Ann, Michael, and Robin will discuss the steps taken to build the Temperance Street Passive House project using the design modeling software Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), developed from the Passivhaus Institute (PHI). In addition, the project build will be presented with a Power Point slide format demonstrating the actual construction process.

Robin Adair Adair is a General Building Contractor and Passive House builder in Saskatoon. His company The Green Builder Inc. has designed, retrofitted, and built projects in Saskatoon and area applying the principles of Energy Conservation to housing. He and his wife live near Saskatoon in a home inspired by the Saskatchewan Conservation House, a highly insulated, air tight, low energy building; which they call Sage Hollow.

Michael Nemeth is a mechanical engineer and Passive House designer in Saskatoon. When he is not consulting on projects, he works to promote building energy efficiency standards and community renewable energy development. In 2015 Michael was named one of Canada’s top sustainability leaders under 30 by Corporate Knights magazine.

About 40 years ago, Holly Ann Knott toured the Saskatchewan Conservation House built in Regina which sparked the Passive House movement. She and her husband, Jim Spinney, were surprised that buildings are not commonly built to similar standards in Saskatchewan in 2015, but they chose to work with Robin Adair and Michael Nemeth to fulfill their dream of a super-insulated house with no furnace.


7:00am – 7:15am – Arrive & register
7:15am – 7:50am – Breakfast, introductions, current events, open discussion
7:50am – 8:30am – Presentation
8:30am – 8:40am – Q & A

Angie Bugg (EMTF Saskatoon presentation comittee).

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