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Re: EMTF Breakfast Presentation

September 7th, 2016, 7am
Confederation Inn
3330 Fairlight Drive

Peter Prebble

This presentation is an update on climate change that encapsulates the latest climate science, important analysis by the World Meteorological Organization, recent consequences of climate change across the globe, and growing linkages between extreme weather events in Saskatchewan and climate change. Peter will then highlight provisions in the new international agreement intended to address climate change. The agreement has now been signed by 175 national governments. Cities are playing an important role in the work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Peter will conclude with some examples of actions the City of Saskatoon could take to cut community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.

Peter Prebble is a member of the board of directors of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. He is also a board member of SES Solar Co-operative Ltd, a renewable power co-op started by the Environmental Society and based in Saskatoon. Peter holds a Masters of Sustainable Environmental Management and a Masters of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. He has authored numerous publications on climate change, renewable energy and other environmental issues. In addition to his involvements in the environmental movement, Peter served four terms as an elected Member of the Saskatchewan Legislature. The most recent climate change publication Peter has been the lead author on is: Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future for Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan’s Role in Global Climate Change and the Path to Sustainability, March 2015. This was written with three other friends and colleagues. The link to this publication can be found at:


7:00am – 7:15am – Arrive & register
7:15am – 7:50am – Breakfast, introductions, current events, open discussion
7:50am – 8:30am – Presentation
8:30am – 8:40am – Q & A

Angie Bugg (EMTF Saskatoon presentation comittee).

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