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The Purpose of the Energy Management Task Force is:

Increase the awareness among institutional, commercial and industrial facilities on how energy management projects can both reduce operating costs and greenhouse emissions and climate issues.

The Organization

A voluntary non-profit organization dedicated to promoting energy conservation and management in the institutional, commercial, industrial and multiple residential sectors.


Organizations and individuals dedicated to energy management: facility managers and owners, private and government organizations, engineers, architects, property managers, contractors, suppliers.

What We Do

Collect and disseminate written and electronic information on energy management from within and outside the province.

Promote the value of energy management in reducing operating costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and their impact on climate change.

Hold monthly breakfast meetings from September to June with guest speaker presentations. Saskatoon chapter breakfast meetings & presentations
are presently held at the Confederation Inn 3330 Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon.
If you are interested in attending these meeting please contact:

306 664-2656 ......... Angie Bugg (Breakfast Meeting Presentations Chair)
306-374-3003 ......... Bill Popiel (Treasurer) .

The EMTF Saskatoon awards program was established in 2015 to recognize and honor outstanding achievement of individuals and organizations in Energy Management. They will be awarded annually in the fall during the awards dinner.

Our 2016 Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards information:

Our 2015 Rob Dumont Energy Management Awards winners and sponsors:

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